About Us

R A Medical Services are a family based Company started by Janet & Chris Pickles in the early 90's, following Chris's redundancy from Ohmeda during the final days of that Company's presence in Steeton. Taking the extensive experience and knowedge base dating from the Cyprane years, they steadily built up a large customer base of NHS Trusts and High Street Dentistry to the present U.K. market leader position enjoyed today. The staff level has grown to meet the demands placed upon it, but turnover is low, our longest serving member of the office staff having been with us for nearly 19 years. A old fashioned level of courteous service is offered, combined with great attention to detail and this winning formula works extremely well, customers remaining with us year upon succeeding year.

Products are constantly under review to ensure only top of the range items are offered, although length of placement on the marketplace is no bar - one of our flowmeters - the Quantiflex Analogue MDM Flowmeter - having been around from the 60's! (see Our History section) and is endearingly popular, remaining one of the bestselling items with newer equipment such as the Porter brown breathing system - only available in the UK since 1996, competing for the title!

Celebrating 20 years In February 2014, hopefully our winning formula will allow the Company to grow and continue to serve the dental profession for another 20!

Our knowledge extends back to the 60's and the days of Cyprane, a Company then located in Keighley who manufactured the Quantiflex Monitored Dial Mixer (MDM) under license from Fraser Sweatman.

Divided into two areas; in-house office staff and engineering team, we operate as a team rather than individuals from the dedicated ladies who answer the phones to the engineers who attend on site.

In August 1947 two talented men, who at that time were working for Coxeter and Sons decided to return North and start a Company called Cyprane Ltd. This was located in a garage in Oxenhope. The men were Bill Edmonson and Wilf Jones.

Why You Should Use Us
Whilst we understand that to some people choice of supplier is very important, it is equally true that sometimes there is no choice! The field of Inhalation Sedation equipment has always been very specialised and by the same token, quite narrow in terms of numbers of Companies offering equipment or services.